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Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Birdman's Wife-- A book Review

I have just finished reading a delightful book on the life of Elizabeth and John Gould.

John Gould is the well known Ornithologist and bird artist and his wife the lesser known real artist behind his reputation.

He was the sketcher but Elizabeth and also Edward Lear were the main reasons for his Bird Books success.
Many other accomplished  artists also contributed to his work.

John Gould was a very driven man intent on success and with a passion for birds and knowledge.
He was a very clever marketer and successful businessman.

This book concentrates on the life of the Goulds as told through the eyes of Elizabeth.

She was dedicated to her art and birds but was torn between her occupation and her role as a mother.
She was devoted to her husband and his work but sacrificed much as a mother.

Please note the link under is an article by Melissa Ashley.
It is not the text of her book.

If you like birds, and you are intrigued like I am, by the many connections between the leading lights of the day in wildlife and bird art you will find this an engrossing book.
Here are some other titles where you can cross reference the material in "the Birdmans Wife".

This book was also put together by Maureen Lambourne

Maureen is the great great grand daughter of John Gould.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Paddlesteamers and More

We have just enjoyed a three day holiday with rellies in Echuca and Moama and surrounds in Victoria and New South Wales.
We have been this way a few times before but always nice to relax on the banks of the Murray River.
Some Pics from our stay.
We stayed at Moama Riverside Holiday and Tourist Park and visited the Kyabram Fauna Park.
In front of our cabin

Just near our cabin

Kyabram Fauna Park-Spoonbill

Kyabram Fauna Park- Stone Curlews

Kyabram Fauna Park

Kyabram Fauna Park

Kyabram Fauna Park
Male Satin Bower Bird Kyabram

Female Satin Bower Bird Kyabram

In front of our cabin

Emu looking in window of Cafe at Kyabram

In front of our cabin

Kookaburra on our cabin rail

Galahs in nearby Horseshoe Lagoon

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Pinnaroo- South Australia

Pinaroo is a good place for South Australians to stopover on the way top the eastern states.
Some images from Pinnaroo.
Se also my post on Mallee Tracks.

Monday, April 8, 2019

A Riverland Short Holiday

Last week we went on a short holiday to South Australia's Riverland.
We went with our good friends Anne and Dave.
We stayed at the Riverbush Cottages(Bluegum Cottage) between Renmark and Berri.
We have stayed there before and we can highly recommend this spot as a good place to retreat for a few days.

We dined a couple of nights at the Renmark Hotel and enjoyed the Bakeries of the area during the day.

Pastries from the Paringa Bakery for lunch and then eating them at Dix's Park on he Riverfront was a good start.

Then a drive up the hill through Paringa to Heading's Cliffs and the Look out and then the Woolshed Brewery at Wilkedene a bit further up the road.

After relaxing a drive back through Paringa to Cammie's Antiques where we stocked up on local produce.
Dried Apricot Jam and Fruit Chutney are specialties there.

 Autumn is a great time of the year anywhere in South Australia.

Here are some pics.

Possums on Renmark River Bank.These come out nightly across from the Hotel

Possums on Renmark River Bank.

Reflections Renmark Riverfront

At Riverbush Cottages

Inside Blue Gum cottage

Inside Blue Gum cottage

Spiny Cheeked Honeyeater

Spiny Cheeked Honeyeater

Heading's Cliffs Murtho

Heading's Cliffs Murtho

Heading's Cliffs Murtho

Lunch at Dix's Park Paringa

Corellas at the Woolshed Winery