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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yet another blow for Evolution

I have commented before on this blog how time and time again new scientific observations are being made that turn evolutionary theory on it's head.

Now lizards found encased in amber have been seen to have not changed in 20 million years at all but scientists are perplexed because the 20 million year period was seen to be a time  in which major evolutionary changes were happening in animals.

Follow the link below to the ABC reporting of this.

One day I think there will be enough of this type of "evidence" for scientists to declare the theory of evolution is dead in the water.(where it was supposed to have started)
But then people will come up with new ideas so as to avoid being confronted by the truth that God created the world and us and that we are accountable to Him.


And now we have another report suggesting some flowers are a lot older than they were thought to be.
Many of these expose, in my opinion, and of those much more qualified than me,on a system of measurement of age of fossils and rocks based on false assumptions that are based on evolutionary theory.
The paradigm of evolution keeps on being challenged because it is untrue.

If you follow the link to the origins of this article you have this statement.

"Our discovery drastically pushes back the assumed origin of Asteraceae, because these pollen grains are the oldest fossils ever found for the family. "

The link below is for a youtube talk  by Dr Duane Gish who wrote a book many years ago called.
"Evolution,The fossils say no!"
A brilliant treatise of the case for Biblical Creation.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Turning back the Boats

The subject of "boat people" is still a hot topic in many countries including Australia.
The Australian Labour Party is now seeking to align itself with the Liberal Govt. on this issue.
Regardless of what you think should be done it is worth revisiting the movie "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"
Below is my link to my previous post on this.
There is a great human need worldwide or people would not be trying to flee their countries.
Someone once said "there is enough in this world to meet mankind's need but not enough to meet mankind's greed." (look it up)

I don't know the answers any more than someone else but I know all these people are loved by God.
In His son Jesus lies all our hopes.


You can download the movie for a donation of your choice including $0.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Inside Out"-The new Movie on Emotions

Sometimes we can feel like all is melting

Or lost in a dream world
Having just last week been to see the new "Minions" movie which my wife and I thought was "despicable"(deliberate pun), I am in no rush to see this movie,"Inside Out" with my grandchildren.
It seems that many animated "classics" these days are more aimed at Adults than Kids and sometimes seem to be pushing kids to be adults before their time.
The write ups on "Inside Out" would suggest that this might be the case with this one however it may be adults should be going to see it.
Having sad emotions is not necessarily a bad thing but natural and can also drive us to look at cause and effect in our lives.
I have blogged about this before.
Christianity Today also has a current post on this movie. 
Below is a link to my post on the subject which is in the form of a Bible study and also with Leader's notes.
Some very good teaching by the late Frank Hunting.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Talkin' about my generation 4-Canoe Trip Amazon Creek,Riverland South Australia

Dave Hughes

In about 1977 my good friend Dave Hughes and I came up with the idea of going on a canoe expedition in the creek system just north of Renmark.
I knew of these creeks through my late Father in law Dudley Foweraker who had grown up with these locations as part of his young years and later as a family we visited these spots often for chop picnics and afternoon teas.
The creeks, well known to locals,are the Ral Ral,Hunchee and the Amazon.
The Amazon  is quite a short connecting creek to the Murray River but very picturesque.
We did two of these trips and later on I took my 3 young sons on a shorter version of the same.
On one of these trips the river was very high and a lot of the creeks running off the main ones had water when they were normally dry.
This was great to explore but often we had to canoe under fallen trees or walk around them.
I managed to get pics which are shared here.
I was probably using my Pentax Spotmatic or a Practika SLR.
The longest lens I used was a Hanimax 135mm.
Scanned from slides using an Epson v700 scanner.
I was usually in the back of the canoe and whoever I was paired with constantly complained as I would stop paddling to get a shot.
I think we did this trip over a 3 day weekend.
On one of then I got very badly sunburned legs.

Early morning. Dave and Trevor

"Artie" looking for freshwater mussels

Camp on bank of Amazon Creek

Ron tending breakfast fire

Canoe Tree

Creekside Convenience

Trevor  at breakfast

Rob  and Artie



Artie guiding us on "wide waters"

Traversing "wide waters"

Early morning