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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Inside Out"-The new Movie on Emotions

Sometimes we can feel like all is melting

Or lost in a dream world
Having just last week been to see the new "Minions" movie which my wife and I thought was "despicable"(deliberate pun), I am in no rush to see this movie,"Inside Out" with my grandchildren.
It seems that many animated "classics" these days are more aimed at Adults than Kids and sometimes seem to be pushing kids to be adults before their time.
The write ups on "Inside Out" would suggest that this might be the case with this one however it may be adults should be going to see it.
Having sad emotions is not necessarily a bad thing but natural and can also drive us to look at cause and effect in our lives.
I have blogged about this before.
Christianity Today also has a current post on this movie. 
Below is a link to my post on the subject which is in the form of a Bible study and also with Leader's notes.
Some very good teaching by the late Frank Hunting.

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