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Thursday, September 27, 2012

"It is assumed" by Frank Hunting

A non descript title but this is a very challenging Gospel message.
This sermon was given in November 1978 at the Church of Christ Grote Street Adelaide.Frank makes it very clear what the Bible teaches about the necessity of Salvation and being prepared for our death.I had been a Christian for about 3 years when I took this tape with me to visit a friend's mother who was dying with Cancer. I was graciously received by this lovely lady and I feel as strongly now, as I did then, that we must be prepared for the next life while we are still in this one.Are you ready to meet your Saviour?There are two Bible readings then the message.All three men on this tape are now with their Lord and Saviour.There is a song after the message which I could have cut but some may like to listen.
This is also on my other blog "Life Giving Christian Sermons"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Female AFL Goal Umpire for Grand Final Match

I have been watching his young woman umpiring AFL games on TV for years.
She has finally been appointed as one of the two goal umpires for this weekend's AFL Grand Final.
During last weeks game I was telling my son that her umpiring is and has always been first class.
Congratulations Chelsea.
Below is how the ABC reported this.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

World's Largest Rocking Horse

Our Grandchildren and most kids love Rocking Horses.
The claimed to be world's biggest is at Gumeracha in the Adelaide hills not far from the Birdwood Motor Museum of the last post. A nice place to visit.

The view from the top

Climbing up. Not good if you suffer from vertigo

going down

Baby Rocking Horse

Car and Caravan of The Week

This is a very occasional series. It's almost should be title car of the century such is the tardiness of this idea.
Sometime back we took our then only Grandson to the Birdwood Motor Museum in the Adelaide Hills.
This is a world class museum of mainly cars and motor bikes driven and ridden in Australia since they first started appearing.
this Falcon station wagon is a little bit more modern than the caravan it is towing

This type of caravan was very popular in Australia in the 1940's and 50's

On a recent trip(April 2014) on the Morgan road in South Australia I came across this wonderful rusting car and caravan. A Valiant is the the car model.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Norwood v West Adelaide 23/9/12

Today their were two semi finals at AAMI Stadium in South Australia.
Centrals played North Adelaide in the first semi final in the SANFL and Norwood played West in the 2nd Semi final.
Centrals who have been at the top of South Australian Football for the last 10 years were soundly beaten by North Adelaide who will now play West Adelaide in next weeks preliminary final.
West were beaten comfortably by Norwood in a low scoring fiercely contested game.
Below are some highlights from the Norwood v West game.

James Aish 16 yo star of the next few years

James Aish 16 yo star of the next few years

Ben Fisher takes a screamer

Brady Dawe heads goalward

Lance Franklin would be proud of this effort

This game was convincingly won by Norwood but a scrappy affair that was hard fought and low scoring.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sydney Harbour from a Ferry

Some scenes form Sydney Harbour from a Ferry. Many of Sydney's workers commute to work each day by Ferry.
We came in via the Paramatta River.