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Thursday, February 27, 2014

From the Wayside by Graham Long

Dear Inner Circle,

Nothing gives me more joy than to have someone try to explain to me how grace works. A lovely man whose life’s journey has been as tough as any that I have known, sat with me yesterday to share something of his journey back to life. He was a street dweller but today he holds quite a senior job. He had no money, no credit and no recent work history and so the jump back into the workforce was quite a daunting leap. He sat in our cafe one day pondering all that was before him when one of our angels put something in his pocket. It turned out to be a gift voucher for $200 so that he could go and buy some business shirts. Those shirts became something of a symbol of the goodness of the giver and of his massive life turn around.

The year that passed soon saw him put on so much weight that the shirts he treasured, no longer fit, but he kept them and liked to look at them. Recently he decided that it was wrong for him to hang on to the shirts when their value was really just sentimental. He lamented there will be someone in the world who would need them and be able to use them. After pondering this for some time, this week he gave the shirts to someone he knew could use them. “As I’m talking to you Graham, look at my arms, I’ve got goose bumps”. Last Saturday while volunteering at Wayside, someone walked into our front door here carrying a suit bag and asked for this man by name. Inside was six new business shirts, in his size. “This is how it works Graham. The more you give away, the more of you there is!”
In a particularly busy moment yesterday my phone rang. I shouldn’t have answered because someone was sitting in front of me and someone else was waiting at my door for the current interview to end. I answered because I was expecting an important call so I excused my bad manners and took the call. “Guess who” said the voice on the other line. “I have no idea in the world”. “Guess then” he repeated. “I’m sorry but I’m so busy today that I don’t have any time for games. Please tell me your name and how I can help.” By now I’m getting annoyed and seriously thinking about hanging up. “I once came from behind you in the cafe and put my hands over your eyes and said, "Guess who”. I have not the slightest recall of what must have been an endearing moment. He quickly told me his name and a bit of his story. Suddenly I remembered to whom this annoying voice belonged. My heart sank because I remembered a man so disempowered that to even ring me would have been an act of some courage. I have to confess that for a little while I thought I was too important to deal with someone like this. I’d lost my way. I was a prime example of a big wheel with an empty centre. I’m thankful for his courage and I’m grateful that he melted me yesterday and saved me from a day of impressive, driven, time poor, non salvation.

You can help Wayside in a big way without spending a cent. Everyone from Claudia Karvan to my own sister have been submitting photographs of themselves holding a Dick Smith Foods product. Dick is giving $1 million to charity and will allocate the money based on how many people send him photos holding his products. We could be allocated up to $50,000 if enough of you send him such a photo. Send your photo to and don’t forget to nominate The Wayside Chapel in your email as your preferred charity. Click here for more information.

There is a good hearted but quite mad man who has lived on the streets around here for longer than anyone can remember. Wayside is important to him for everything from food to company. Everyone loves him even though he rarely makes any sense. This morning while walking down the street, he spotted me and was clearly happy to see me. He held his can of coke high in the air as if he was about to propose a toast. “Here’s looking up your chooks,” he said. That was one of the most bizarre toasts I’ve ever heard, but never the less one of the warmest and I was pleased to share the moment with such a lovely old sausage.

So, thank you for being part of this inner circle and “here’s looking up your chooks”,


Rev Graham Long
Pastor and CEO
The Wayside Chapel
Kings Cross

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Centrality of the Cross

Below is an extract from a book or series of sermons with the above title by Jessie Penn-Lewis.
Every serious Christian should consider her work and teachings.
These are a few paragraphs taken from her writings.
You can find all this book at the following link.

Put simply the cross of Christ is the key to Christian Living,Experience and Victory.
Some teachers like John Stott,Neil Anderson, Charles Solomon,Frank Hunting and others will show you how we can exchange our lives for the life of Jesus.
The Great Exchange.
Romans 6 is the key.

from Jessie Penn-Lewis

"Now let us pass on to see the Cross as the centre, or 'fixed point', for VICTORY OVER SIN, OVER THE WORLD, OVER THE FLESH, AND OVER THE DEVIL. For a clear unveiling of the Cross as the 'fixed point' for the Christian's victory over sin, we turn to Romans 6. It is the basic chapter in the whole of the New Testament, where the deep meaning of the death at Calvary is set forth, in language which is extraordinary in its simplicity and clearness, and marvellous in its comprehensive explanation of the gospel. No wonder that the "god of this world" has influenced so many to relegate Romans 6 to the theologians, so as to keep believers from understanding its simple truth, because the deceiver knows it to be the CRUCIAL MESSAGE OF THE GOSPEL from the experimental standpoint.
God-ward, the death of the Lord Jesus Christ was the atonement, and the propitiation for sin, but in Romans 6 we are shown the Cross in its manward aspect-in its dealing with the sinner. Here is the practical, deep and vital message to the sinner, showing him the way of deliverance from the power of sin, from the world, the flesh and the devil. Here in the Romans 6 message of Calvary, Paul laid the foundation deep and, strong. Here lies the bed-rock depth of the Cross, as the 'fixed point' for the personal life of the believer, personal equipment, and personal victory in every aspect of need.
Let us read the passage slowly and carefully: Verses 1-2, "What shall we say then? Shall we persist in sin that the gift of grace may be more abundant? God forbid! WE WHO HAVE DIED TO SIN." Here is the Cross in its aspect of the death of the sinner with the Saviour. It is clear from this that Christ's Cross was the sinner's cross, not, of course, in the matter of atonement God-ward, but in the taking of the old creation life to the Cross, that the believer should be delivered from the power of sin; and that, not by conquering it, but by dying to it. Here is the key to victory. The deepest things are the simplest.
The real trouble about understanding the sixth of Romans is not a theological, but a moral one. When we sincerely want deliverance from the power of sin, it is within our reach. It lies just here for the simple soul who will take the statements as a fact. For the sake of a lost world, let us have no 'moral' hindrances to our knowing the reality of the Cross. If men and women would be utterly willing for the deepest work of the Cross to be wrought in or applied to them, there would be a trembling of the powers of hell, a shaking of the kingdom of darkness. The pivotal secret of God's plan for the redemption of a lost world lies in the meaning of Romans 6. The central fact of the Cross being the sinner's cross, as well as the Saviour's.
Moreover, this Romans 6 meaning of the Cross must be recognized as the root foundation of the Christian life, just as the 'root' is necessary to the life of the tree. A tree cannot part with its root, but must strike it deeper into the ground, so that all external growth may have strong support in the earth, and strong life-force for its maintenance.
" We who have died to sin," how can we any longer live under the mastery of sin? Or "have you forgotten that all of us ... were baptized into fellowship with His death?" writes the Apostle. 'All of us'-not the few who wish to be advanced souls, but young converts also! If every convert to Christ was 'born again' through the gospel message of this chapter, and they knew its power in experience at the very beginning of their Christian lives, there would be less backsliding, and need of careful nursing lest they fell away, for a new life would be imparted to them in stronger power, and Christ as the Living One would be known as a real Saviour."

Monday, February 10, 2014

Rivers of Living Water by Frank Hunting

Below is a Bible study in jpeg from by the late Frank Hunting.

Also here is a link elsewhere on this blog about Frank Hunting.

You will find much of his work on this blog.

Hopefully you can read it on your digital device.
If you can't read email me and I will post you a pdf version.

Click on each image(page) to enlarge.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Skateboarding

Below are some more pics from the archives.
See my previous posts as below.

Gisbourne Victoria

South Road Ramp Adelaide

Christian Hosoi,Prahran Ramp,Victoria

Tony Magnusson,Prahran Ramp,Victoria

Christian Hosoi,Prahran Ramp,Victoria

Jamie Thompson,Street Skater

Mike McGill at Adelaide

Jamie on backyard Ramp

Jamie on backyard Ramp

Monday, February 3, 2014

Remembering the PMG-Postmaster General's Department

I recently attended a 50 year re union with the guys I started my working life with in Adelaide,  South Australia..
In 1964,20th January, we all started work, as Technicians in Training(T.I.T.'s).
The course was like an apprenticeship to become a qualified Telephone Technician.
There were disciplines in Exchange Maintenance,Exchange Installation, Subscribers Installation, and Radio.
The first year was a year of common training in  school then out to the various disciplines and locations with periodic returns to the school.
The course was a 5 year course.
I lasted 2 years and transferred out to other work within the PMG.
I had been based in the Franklin Street Adelaide Telephone Exchange.
Not everyone completed the course.
For a period of 2 years I worked in the PMG Drawing Office as a Drafting Assistant.
I then moved into Personnel work.
I think there was over a 100 in our intake which was an annual event in the days of virtually no un-employment in South Australia.
We have had a few re- unions over the years but it was great to share a 50th.
Some are still  working but in different organisations.
The PMG used to look after Telecommunications,Postal Services, Radio Services,and some Television in those days.
In 1975 the PMG was split into 2 main different Statutory Government Agencies.
Telecom Australia and Australia  Post.
Telecom Australia was by far the bigger organisation and that was where I ended up.
Telecom later became Telstra and is still known by that name today.
I took a redundancy package from Telecom in 1992 after 28 years service.
Australia Post is still operating also.
In those early days both organisations had a monopoly on their services but competition became the norm.
The Australian Govt still has  both organisations in their jurisdiction.
The attached pics are of the group I started with in 1964( there were other groups) and also a team
of mostly Drawing Office Staff who played in a social football match at the Kangarilla Oval in either 1966 or 1967.
There is also a pic of a social football team from the old Personnel and Industrial Relations Department.
Our office was on the mezzanine floor of the GPO.
The coach was the late Bob Jones.
Some in all three  pics have sadly passed on.
In later years I worked for the Commonwealth Employment Service and then Centrelink.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Some lessons from a War Photographer

I found this video of an interview by Don Mccullin.
Something for would be photographic jourmnalists to think about.
It was on the DP review Website.

Sad death of Adelaide Zoo's Oldest Flamingo

We were at the Adelaide Zoo last monday with two of our grandsons.
Our day was very busy with the boys ad I did not take many photos.
I did however take a couple of pics of the Flamingos.
So I prpbably took one of the last photos of this beautiful bird.
Below is how the Adelaide media reported it.