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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Favourite Lens -Pentax A 28-135mm F4 Zoom

Today I coupled up my Pentax 28-135 MF  with my Pentax Kr and took some pics in the garden.I think it is just about my favourite lens.
It is a precision instrument and all class.
Constant F4 maximum aperture
It also has a macro setting but did not use this today.

This week(6/2/15) has seen Ricoh anouncing a new Pentax Full  Frame DSLR is in the pipeline.
This lens should be great with that.

My wife is the gardener not me!


  1. Richo played for the tigers, Thanks for pointing out my typo error.Thanks Claudio.

  2. Hi, Geoff. I read your post on using these lens. I´m guessing if that Pentax are "real" zoom lenses, if they are parfocal or varifocal. Can you tell me about it?.
    I´m looking for these one as a cheap zoom lens for video in my Sony´s FS100 as a great manual lens with constant aperture. Regards.

  3. Hi Jose,

    yes the lens is par focal the focus and aperture are constant as you zoom the lens.
    The lens I have is a manual focus lens.
    You may be able to get an equivalent autofocus lens.
    The lens is a very good lens.
    Up there with the best in my opinion.

    Good luck with that