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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Introducing 5038 Photography

I have just finished watching an excellent Wedding Photography presentation on youtube by Jerry Ghionis.
Jerry is one of the top wedding photographers and photographer educators in the world.

Many things he said I have learnt myself over many years as a photographer and share much of his philosophy on wedding photography.
The programme is about posing in wedding photography.
When I train people in wedding photography I always teach them about basic posing as building blocks for their own creativity.
I tell them photojournalistic realism is all very well but if you don't give people direction it might be possible to go all day with the bride and groom hardly being in the same vicinity of each other.
You have got to creatively bring them together as also with all other people in the wedding.
By all means do candid stuff but do that when you have set the initial pose and randomely.
One of the things Jerry said was I think very good advice and something I have decided to try.
He said to strive to be the best photographer in your zip code or post code as we say in Australia.
One of my sons makes a very good living selling real estate in the suburb he lives in and he has concentrated on being the best in his patch.
Well I have decided to market my photography locally to my own postcode.
I will offer photography training and accept other assignments.
I have now decided not to take on any more wedding work but I am open to family photos and workplace photography.
Also I am available for training in wedding photography.
I am open to helping people with scanning and production of special milestone photo books eg. 90th birthday, special anniversaries etc.
Why not call me on 0417867476

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