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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tree of Life Ministries-Adelaide South Australia

 Tree of Life Ministries(TOL)is  based in Adelaide South Australia.
It's founder is Robert Ferguson who is also a neighbour in our street and a former Pastor of the Church we currently attend.
Rob was a Pastor in Churches for several years but some 15 years ago embarked on a calling he saw as from God to to do missionary work in struggling overseas countries.
He started off with some involvement in South East Asia(Burma and Thailand) but now is concentrating on several African Countries.
Rob has identified  African Lay Christians with a gift for teaching and evangelism and has developed  teaching materials for them to use as they visit different locations and run programmes in a variety of Churches and venues.
The Christianity Explained book is an integral tool being used to equip lay people in Africa.
He has also created his own through the Bible training seminar and we are working on a support video series to enable key people in Africa to share the Gospel.

It is amazing what one person can do with vision and God's enabling.

To finance the enterprise Rob continues to work as a Bus Driver and  people are welcome to make donations.


  1. Praise God, My life and ministry changed when i met Robert Furguson in Tanzania. I got the spark and have continue to light more fire where ever i go. I feel like Rob is always around me inspiring me Stanley rise up and teach. Our ministry is in Mombasa and Rob visited and together organized a pastors and leaders training. You are always welcome in Mombasa, kenya

    1. Hi Stanley. Thanks for your greeting. I have heard about your work from Rob.He is an inspiring man. I often have coffee with him.Blessings to you and your family.I would love to come to Mombasa but that will probably not happen. Geoff Thompson