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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sidetracked from Posting

I haven't posted much lately as I am involved in one or 2 projects.
One is helping my friend Rob with his Tree of Life Ministry(TOL) in making some training videos to be used in Africa by Africans and in their own language.

I am finally, now that I am "retired" starting to devote some time to the video side of my photography.
I have always shot movies.
Standard 8, Super 8mm film movies,VHS ans SVHS video(Panasonic Cameras) and Digital Video using some Canon cameras, my favourite the Canon XL1.
So over the years I have been accumulating miles of moving pictures.
Family,Wildlife,Birds,Travel,Sport,Church Services etc.
Now I am taking time out to learn how to edit properly and put together some good quality movies from all my shoots.
In addition I have also recorded heaps of Audio and have started a project that may come to pass as a Radio Documentary.
So watch this space some time this year for some moving content.
I will keep you posted.(Pun intended)
There will be more pages coming soon as a  follow up to my recent post on the Booklet "The Holy Spirit" by Frank Hunting.

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