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Monday, February 13, 2012

Geoff Thompson-My Vision for Wedding Photography

Here is my vision for wedding photography and my involvement as such.

I have photographed Weddings since 1975.

While I am officially retired from the work force, from time to to time I still photograph weddings for those who are family or friends, or friends of friends.
I am not attempting to photograph lots of weddings as they are physically tiring and I am not getting any younger.

I am  open to training a local photographer or photographers  in wedding photograph.

I have  trained many photographers in wedding photography in the past and some are now successfully pursuing their own careers.
I am currently assisting a young photographer to establish the wedding side of her photography business.(as at march 2016)
My thoughts have been germinating for some years now about doing "not for profit" charity work with my Photography.
Many people expect to pay large sums of money for their photography and the whole wedding,  and while they have budgeted for this they may  often feel that they have spent a lot of money quite extravagantly on something that is important on the day but all you have to look back on apart from your personal memories of your big day are often just the photos and the video.

I feel sure there are couples that would like to make a difference in their community or globally but may feel a little guilty about their extravagance on their wedding day.

This approach enables them to make a contribution through their wedding a bit like how at Christmas time various charity  organisations allow you to  donate a goat or vegie garden as a present through a friend or relative who doesn't really need some extra gift at Christmas but has a heart for the under privileged.

What I have been wanting to do for sometime is offer a flexible pricing  for the cost of their wedding with much of the proceeds going to local or overseas charities in which they would have some choice.

The advantages of this approach are numerous.

The recipients of the  assistance would be very  grateful.

The happy couple will know their their wedding day has started  something good.
For instance a commitment to sponsor a child through out their marriage may be an option that is woven into the pricing of the wedding photography.

I have also recently met with and assisted a photography group where the participants all suffer from Parkinson's disease.(2015/2016)

It would be great to photograph a wedding, bring one of them along with me and donate most of the profit to Parkinsons SA.
See a link below to their website.

I would gain an enormous amount of satisfaction from starting a successful venture of this type with a view to handing the vision to others when I have reached my "use by date."
I think I am at the use by date at the present as far as physically photographing a wedding.

Local people(Adelaide and surrounding areas) wishing to contact me for wedding photography training  should do so on my mobile on 0417867476 or indeed anyone wishing to contact me about this vision please email at

Below is the link to my Photography only Blog that has recently started and has a gallery of wedding photography for perusal.

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