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Thursday, February 2, 2012

From the Wayside Chapel by Graham Long

Dear Inner Circle,
As I walked in the building yesterday a big, boofy bloke stepped into my path
and asked me how I was. I felt a bit put out because I was in a hurry, my mind
laden with many things. This guy was a former street dweller and now living in 
a dodgy boarding house. As it happens, I wasn't feeling well but I was in no mood 
for an organ recital because it would take time to explain that I wasn't well and
it might constitute an invitation for him to tell me about his aches and pains.
I just wanted to get past and into my office. To my surprise the man could see 
that I was unwell and he put his arms around me and whispered in my ear, 
"I'll be praying for you". As he took a step back and looked at me, 
I was captured by the kindness in his face. I'd not seen the amazing warmth
and care in his face before. I left that conversation a different man. 
This big, boofy man is my brother and there's more of me today because of him.
In the cafe the other day, I noticed a young woman who I've not seen before. 
She was easy to notice because her hair was up in an almost Marge Simpson style.
Her make up was applied so heavily that her face seemed more prepared for the 
circus than a visit to Wayside. She had an intense conversation happening with 
the chair beside her. I thought I would try and make contact and so I sat on the
chair on the other side of her. She looked at the chair and then at me and said, 
"You're not half as hot as him". I looked at the empty chair and said, 
"Well, he doesn't look like much". 
"Maybe" she said, "but he's twice as hot as you." 
Our staff meetings happen usually in small teams but 4 times a year 
we get together as a full team. On Tuesday just gone, we met altogether 
and I'd like to tell  you that I am so proud to be leading this team.
This group of people possess marvellous qualifications and experience
but mostly they have a quality of goodness that makes Wayside an 
extraordinary place. We had some serious stuff to discuss but after 40 minutes
we organised a table tennis match in which all 30 people participated. 
The idea was that you had to hit the ball, drop the bat on the table and 
move away so the next person could play. The prize for the last person 
standing was dinner for two at the Wayside cafe (value $10). I believe Laura, 
who won the prize, is looking for a date. If I was 30 years younger, I would 
think that dinner with Laura on a land fill site would be romantic so I'm sure
that lots of young men might like to be Laura's date at our cafe. Knowing Laura 
however, she's likely to find a way to turn this into a fundraiser for Wayside.
I'd like to make a quick suggestion before I sign off. A lot goes on at 
Wayside in any given week, a lot more than what I can fit in here.
If you'd like to stay connected to Wayside and keep up to date with what's 
happening on our little patch of earth in the heart of the Cross, go to our  
Facebook page and 'Like' us. 
Onwards and upwards, thanks for being part of our inner circle,
Rev Graham Long
The Wayside Chapel
Kings Cross
 Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information 
is important to us, as it is fundamental to the way we operate. All information 
is kept in the strictest confidence and is stored in a password secure database. 
Levels of access to information are determined by an authorised employee's
specific need to do their job. Personal information collected by The Wayside Chapel 
is never sold or passed on in any way, shape or form to any other organisation or
non-authorised person for any purpose. If you would like to seek access to, 
or revise your personal information or feel that the information we currently have on
record is incorrect or incomplete, or you believe that the privacy of your personal
information has been interfered with, please contact us. Our appointed Privacy Officer is Stephanie Guerin

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