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Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Vintage Photography

I still continue to add to my collection of vintage black and white photography.
Here are a few examples.
Photography has long been a popular pastime for families.
I do not know the author of some of these so I trust copyright has long since expired.
These are from the collection of the late Joe Brooks courtesy of Phil Brooks.
Some would have been taken by Joe on a box brownie or a folding Kodak.
Soldiers' entertainment in war time

I would love to know details of this

Portable gramaphone player at a butcher's picnic at Semaphore Beach South Australia 1940's

Early postcard of Adelaide South Australia

We think pioneer hut on Murray River.Made from Hessian and Iron.

Thebarton Primary School class.Grade 3 ,1930.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wisdom from Oswald Chambers

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Goals and Results

You are taught the goal you are aiming at

 is the important thing.

Not so with God.

His goal for your life

is that you see Him NOW,

know Him in this moment,

depend on Him NOW.

It takes some mental readjustment

to learn this from God.

by F.C.Hunting from his booklet "Speaking Personally"

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Gospel under Canvas

I have in my possession a copy of the book  "The Gospel under Canvas, Sermons for Salvation. by E.C.Henrichsen as compiled by Arnold C. Caldicott.
I had the privilege of knowing E. C.Henrichsen's daughter Mrs Lucy Kruger when she and her husband David were members of the Church of Christ in Grote St. Adelaide.
Arnold Caldicott was our Pastor there for some years as well.
I am thinking I will make a PDF of the book as there does not seem to be a copy for viewing on the internet.
While at a friends place today we were going through old photographs in his family collection.
The 2 pics below were obviously in a tent Gospel meeting and may have been at one of E.C. Henrichsen's meetings.
In fact looking at his picture in the  book, the man at the front by the pole is a striking resemblance.
If you enlarge the blackboard it is a classic presentation of  the steps to salvation as taught by Churches of Christ in that era and one I have no contention with.
"Buried with Christ" refers to  being buried with Christ through your Baptism as outlined in Romans 6.
In these meetings people who came forward for receiving Christ were often baptised on the same night or soon after.
So watch this space for when I post a copy of the book.
It is fascinating to see all the hats on the ladies.
If you would like me to email a PDF copy please contact me on my email address.
The book was printed in 1957.
I have many of Arnold's taped sermons so when I get some spare time will post one of his sermons on my Life Changing Christian Sermons Blog.
Photos from Joe Brooks Collection courtesy of Phil Brooks

Thursday, September 19, 2013

From the Wayside by Graham Long

 Graham Long's latest newsletter from the Wayside Chapel.
His Dad he mentions was Harold Long who some of his sermons are featured on my youtube channel Pembridge House.

Dear Inner Circle,

Our household had a bit of a fixation with Masterchef on the tele some time ago. Something about the show worried me but it's taken ages for the penny to drop. I think the thought of pantries that never end and the sight of three judges shoving beautiful food in their mouths and already full bellies and then making judgments is ugly. What has worried me is the complete lack of "gift" that is appropriate for food and for eating. I was raised by a man who stopped and thanked the holy fire before he ate any meal. Someone had always prepared the food and so at the end of every meal, someone had to be thanked. Even when we ate a pie at the Coles cafeteria (a rare highlight that was newsworthy for weeks), someone had to be thanked. I remember being embarrassed by Dad who thanked God out loud in public and I was bewildered while I held his hand and we went looking for someone to thank after eating the pie. I think he ended up thanking the lady at the cash register. I guess it was not just that he was religious but also because he was raised in Melbourne during the Great Depression and so for him, food and clothing always came to him with a strong sense of "gift".

Now we eat so often in restaurants and a natural exchange of gift and gratitude has been replaced by an exchange of money and expectation of value for money or satisfaction with the dining experience. I think we're losing something really important. In my boyhood, we ate together seated round a table and we talked to each other. None of us were keen on pumpkin and one day when Dad had finished saying grace, my sister's plate was piled high with pumpkin, including that from my father's plate. We laughed and sometimes battled and caught up with one another or listened to what ever it was our parents thought we needed to hear. Eating was a social event. Now, I think you can eat alone to nourish your body which is fine but a truly human act is social. It's a human act to eat together. I think to make a point of eating together would help to overcome the ugly sense of entitlement that is everywhere before us. I recently saw someone on their high horse, sending food back to the kitchen and I was embarrassed. In a restaurant, the natural relationship between the preparer of the food and the consumer of the food is broken. Consumers are often ugly individuals. Consumers live in economies. People live in families or in friendships or even in societies. Consumers are interested in value. People are interested in connection and sharing. This morning we had the most wonderful breakfast at Wayside. Our executive team and some other staff put on breakfast for our volunteers. Our ambassador David Wenham came and manned the BBQ. I don't think we are expert cooks but we certainly prepared and presented the food with love for our beautiful volunteers. We must have had about 70 volunteers for breakfast and the buzz was beautiful.

At a large funeral at Wayside yesterday I heard street people speak of a young man who had recently died. This was a wild lad in some respects but the thing that was said over and over was that whatever he had, he shared. There were several stories of people who on a cold night simply jumped under his blanket with him. No one was ever rejected. People who live in a world of stuff are concerned mostly with how they can get more stuff or more for the cheapest price. The world of stuff is not an attribute of wealth or poverty. It doesn't matter if you are looking to get your next meal or your next million. Stuff doesn't change lives but a gift does. You can only truly receive a gift when you see a giver. So many people came to the funeral yesterday because their lives had been changed by a gift.

Recently I gave a man a little job to do at Wayside and he's been faithful in serving others in the direction in which I pointed him. He's learning to make a gift of his life and energies and there have been a couple of hiccups as there always are on a journey like this one. He sent me a text me yesterday to say that he'd lost confidence in himself and that he was going to give up. This morning I saw him and he waved me over to his table. "I'd be sabotaging myself to stop now wouldn't I, Rev?" I could dance around the room with the joy that comes from seeing such a fellow learn how to live.

Thanks for being part of this inner circle,

Rev Graham Long
Pastor and CEO
The Wayside Chapel
Kings Cross

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Photography as Therapy

Break down the barriers. This is not Forrest Sargent

I have written on the idea of Photography as Phototherapy before.
Below is a link to an article about Forrest Sargent who has used photography to communicate through his Autism.
A wonderful story. All the best Forrest.

Amazing Adelaide Cloud Formations

Last Friday morning my wife who had just arrived at work, rang and said look at the clouds outside.
They are amazing.
I grabbed my camera and ran outside.
They were very unusual.
Here are some pics.

This looks to me like a house perched on a clifftop overlooking the ocean

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Colonel Light Gardens V Lockleys

It's footy finals time in Australia again and my nephew Beau's team,Colonel Light Gardens, won their grand final after finishing 2nd last year.
Here are a few celebratory photos and some action ones will follow later in the next couple of days.
It was a hard won win and Lockleys were worthy opponents.

one of the fans