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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Gospel under Canvas

I have in my possession a copy of the book  "The Gospel under Canvas, Sermons for Salvation. by E.C.Henrichsen as compiled by Arnold C. Caldicott.
I had the privilege of knowing E. C.Henrichsen's daughter Mrs Lucy Kruger when she and her husband David were members of the Church of Christ in Grote St. Adelaide.
Arnold Caldicott was our Pastor there for some years as well.
I am thinking I will make a PDF of the book as there does not seem to be a copy for viewing on the internet.
While at a friends place today we were going through old photographs in his family collection.
The 2 pics below were obviously in a tent Gospel meeting and may have been at one of E.C. Henrichsen's meetings.
In fact looking at his picture in the  book, the man at the front by the pole is a striking resemblance.
If you enlarge the blackboard it is a classic presentation of  the steps to salvation as taught by Churches of Christ in that era and one I have no contention with.
"Buried with Christ" refers to  being buried with Christ through your Baptism as outlined in Romans 6.
In these meetings people who came forward for receiving Christ were often baptised on the same night or soon after.
So watch this space for when I post a copy of the book.
It is fascinating to see all the hats on the ladies.
If you would like me to email a PDF copy please contact me on my email address.
The book was printed in 1957.
I have many of Arnold's taped sermons so when I get some spare time will post one of his sermons on my Life Changing Christian Sermons Blog.
Photos from Joe Brooks Collection courtesy of Phil Brooks

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