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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Tamron Fotovix- The shape of things to come?

When the digital photography world was just beginning to encroach on analogue(film) photography along came the state of the art Tamron Fotovix. (1991)

The one pictured is the amateur model and there was a more expensive one for about $3000.

For a couple of years I had my heart set on one of these quite expensive items.

I am glad I never wasted my money on one.

The apparatus was designed so you could scan negatives or positive films and transfer them to a TV screen or a Video Tape.

This was before digital cameras had really come into their own.

Everyone was still shooting film.

Now there are film scanners that can do the same thing.

The only time I saw one of these being used successfully for commercial purposes was when we had a family holiday in the Australian Alps at Mt Hotham in 1992.

Photographers were employed by an entrepeneur who had set up a photo business based on one of these.

Photographers would photograph, on negative film, holiday makers snow boarding and skiing over jumps etc.

The business owner would then develop the films and show them on a tv screen with a number for each pic.

People would check them out and choose one or two  and he would print them for a price after they placed their order.

He seemed to be doing a roaring trade.

A curious thing that was seen as very innovative at the time.


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