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Monday, May 7, 2018

"Shutterbug in the Bush" a book review.(sort of)

One of my favourite photographers that I came across when I was starting my photographic journey was Jocelyn Burt.
The late Jocelyn Burt was a Australian Landscape and travel photographer.
She authored and produced numerous pictorial books about Australia.

In her latter years she was based near Bright in the picturesque Ovens Valley.

My friend Ray Smith was her local pastor and he had offered for me to meet her on one of my trips
to Victoria but sadly I never got to take up the offer before Jocelyn died.

He autobiographical book,"Shutterbug in the Bush" I found enthralling when I read it.

Amazingly a book about photography, by a photographer, and not one photograph in it.

You would think how can that hold my attention but it did and still does.

I have put together quite a collection of Jocelyn's Pictorial books as they are often found in used book stores.

I have taken the liberty to include a little text from the book and one of the illustrations for you to encourage you to go searching for the book. 

The book is illustrated by Eva Wickenberg.


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