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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Have you heard of Keith Green?

When my wife and I were young Christians in the late 1970's and early 80's  one of the greatest influencers we had for our Faith, someone who challenged us all, was the late Keith Green.

Keith Green was an amazing Musician, Songwriter and Evangelist all in one.

A book about his life written by his wife after his tragic death in a plane crash, his own which he was flying, is called "To Obey is better than Sacrifice".

Keith preached and played and sung at amazing Gospel Events around the world.

Just go onto youtube and you will find the many examples of his ministry and gifts.

He and his wife established "Last Days Ministries" and made much material available to help new Christians.

One tract, which I still have, was "What's wrong with the Gospel?"

This youtube video is Keith explaining his reasons for writing this and how his faith was growing.

This blog is just to encourage the younger generation to discover his music and his message.

Above all to discover the  God in Jesus, who was his Lord and Saviour and mine also.

Below are 2 links.

One that shows the amazing talent Keith had even as an 11 year old.

Another to give you an example of his music and ministry.

I trust you will find this challenging and a blessing.

Many of course are already greatly appreciative of his legacy.

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