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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

About Harold Long

I have started putting taped sermons by the late Pastor Harold Long on this blog.Harold was a long serving Churches of Christ Minister who had Ministeries in Victoria,NSW and South Australia.
He did his Bible College Training at the College of The Bible at Glen Iris which was a Churches of Christ Theological College.
We met Harold Long and his wife and family when we were attending the Church of Christ in Adelaide at Grote Street in South Australia.
I sat under Harold's teaching for some 3 years before I ran out of arguments as to why I should not become a Christian after listening to many of his sermons.
My wife was already a Christian.
We had the privilege in our formative Christian years of both Harold's ministry and also Frank Hunting(see about Frank Hunting on this blog).
I have often said Harold was the one who God used to bring me to Jesus and Frank was the one who God used to keep me there.
Both men were Pastors in the Churches of Christ movement and were very gifted expositors of the Bible.
Harold was well known and loved for his prophetic teaching on the end times of the age and the Church and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I have many tapes by both men and also other Church of Christ Ministers who have been our Pastors and many who were guest Preachers.
I will post some of the others at a later date, God willing.
One set of Harold's sermons  I intend to post are a series called "What Churches of Christ Believe."
 There was a time when most Churches of Christ in Australia would have believed the things Harold expounded on but sadly I think there has been a falling away in some of our Churches on what was held dearly by some.
When you listen to them you can judge for yourself.

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