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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life Chaging Christian Sermons-New Blog

I am aware there are thousands of Christian Sermon Podcasts on the net by well known Christian Speakers.
I have decided to consolidate my tape collection(some of it) on a new separate blog.
This is via youtube publishing first. I will be copying already published tapes from this blog to the new blog which is at the following link.

Note I have now changed the title to "Going deeper with God"

The sermons I put up will be what I consider life changing because in many ways they changed my own life.
The tapes that I have and am  digitising you will probably not find anywhere else on the net.I have many well known speakers in my tape collection that were actually produced while they were visiting Australia. I don't hold copyright for these but they were produced freely for access to anyone at the time so I may publish them from time to time.If I inadvertently breach copyright when I do so I welcome contact to discuss.
These include J. Sidow Baxter,J. Oswald Sanders,Dr. Ray Stedman,Dr. Charles Solomon,,Dr. Paul Kaschel,Howard Hendricks,Major Ian Thomas,Charles Colson,Leighton Ford,John Haggai,Duane Gish etc.
I have Church of Christ Australian Ministers including Morrie Munyard, Ian Adams, Bronte Stanford,Brian White,Jack Bond Snr, Ray Smith,Dr. Arnold Caldicott, Neale Proellocks,Harold Long,Frank Hunting and many others.
I was fortunate to be gifted Harold Long's tape library when he passed on and there are even reel to reel tapes and some of historical interest.
There is even a tape of Australian Prime Minister Gordon Menzie's funeral.
I will never be able to digitise all I have but at least I have made a start.

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