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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Holy Spirit by Frank Hunting

This is a sermon by Frank Hunting who was a long serving Churches of Christ Minister in Australia.
I had the privilege of him being one of my 2 pastors for a period of 5 years in my formative Christian years.
For many years after that, and also since he died some years ago, he has been a a source of inspiration to my wife and I  and many others.
This sermon teaches us that The Holy Spirit is always with us as Christians and what that can and should mean to us. You will find much more of his teaching on this blog.
 This sermon was given at the Church of Christ at Grote Street Adelaide in 1980.
The symbol chosen for this podcast, of the light, is because when I was in a time of sickness and staring at this ceiling, the vision of a cross and  light reminded me of the Holy Spirit's constant presence.
Press the arrow to hear the podcast.
There is also a link below to a written  Bible Study on the Holy Spirit by Frank also found on this blog.

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