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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Love old cameras.

As a photographer it occurs to some that when they have cameras in the family that are no longer useful or someone has died they wonder if I would like them.
I don't think I have ever said no.
Today our dear friend Jim and his son Chris dropped in with 4 cameras Jim had in his shed which he gifted to me.
A rather interesting collection.
Here are some pics of Jim and Chris with the cameras and some internet links to their specs.
By today's standards some unusual and strange specimens from the world of camera technology.
The Maximatic is very basic and I had trouble finding any useful information.
Probably would give similar results to a Holga or Diana but using 35mm film.

Kodak Brownie II Flash Camera

How to respool 120mm film onto a 620mm film spool. 620 film is unavailable these days. 
Polaroid J33 Land Camera
Agfa Isola I

Picture taken with Agfa Isolette which is a medium format,120mm film camera with just a few more refinements than the Agfa Isola


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