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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another classic vintage camera -Finetta 88

We have a friend Jim who is a real Aussie character.
A tough man with a heart of gold who has done hard manual work all his life and still does at 81.
We see him regularly each week for coffee on his "rounds" and he sometimes brings me old cameras he has accumulated while doing odd jobs for people.
The latest he has given me I had not seen the likes of before. A1940-50 interchangeable non slr 35mm camera.
I researched it on the net and soon identified it as a Finetta  88.
This one is labeled as a Hanimar  which was it's name in America and Australia.
The cameras were made in Germany.
Anyway I have loaded a film in it to see how it performs.
Below is a useful link I found on the net.

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