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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Underneath the Fig Trees

Over the years I have spent many pleasant days at the Adelaide Test Match, usuually in December each year.
My favourite thing was to sit under the fig trees at the scoreboard end with my usual props.
About 10 rolls of film.
Sometimes a small unobtrusive tripod.
The day's newspaper
A magazine
A can of coke
A meat pie.
My idea of a great day out.
I still go to the test matches and I reckon that is still the best spot in spite of all the grandiose changes to the ground.
I am inteneding to put together a book on Adelaide Test matches,State Games,One day matches and also local club cricket from my photographic collection.
Many shots were taken on film and more recently digital.
Cameras I have used are Pentax Super A,Pentax MZs,Pentax 645,Pentax Kr and Kx,Pentax *iSTD,Canon 400d and Canon 600d.
Here are a few pics from a test match between Australia and South Africa in December 2001.
Scanned from 35mm prints.
All these shots were taken from my favourite spot sitting on the grass underneath the fig trees.
To all my readers and accidental visitors to this blog have a wonderful celebration of Christmas and the Birth of our Savior and a Happy New Year for 2015.

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