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Friday, January 23, 2015

Three Minutes to Midnight

The "Doomsday Clock" has been moved again.
It now stands at 3 minutes to midnight.

See link below to the ABC article.

Speculation on such things is an interesting subject always.

I prefer to look to the future from Bible Prophecy.

Notwithstanding these warnings are not necessarily incompatible with the Bible.

The following link is a good place to hear one of my former Pastors,Harold Long, giving his understanding of "the end times".

It is one of a series of addresses.

You will find other addresses by Harold on my tape library blog and on youtube on Bible Prophecy. They are all audio tapes from the 1970's digitised and uploaded to youtube.

While the world is advised wisely by eminent scientists of the mess we are making of it, it is also important to consider,especially for Christians, what the Bible tells us and warns us about.

Sadly many of today's Christians seem to ignore this teaching.

They think it is for "fanatics" and "fundamentalists".

Not to be ignored when God speaks in His Word.

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