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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Photography for sufferers of Parkinson's Disease

I am in May scheduled to spend some time with a Photography Group that is run by Parkinson's South Australia.
This is for people who suffer from Parkinson's disease.
The group has been running now for some time under the co-ordination of Anne Heard.
I have put together some thought starters for ideas that people might like to pursue in photography,not withstanding the limitations of Parkinson's Disease.


Here are some suggestions re techniques and projects that should not be hindered by an unsteady hand or movement.

1.     A bit obvious: use a tripod as much as possible .
2.     Choose subjects that really need you to use a tripod.
3.     Use your flash creatively to freeze action and thereby overcome camera shake.Indoors at night or outside in daylight with high speed flash and high speed flash synchronization.
4.     Use a remote control device.
5.     Extend your photography to video capture.Video is best done utilizing a tripod.
6.     Utilise anti shake lenses and/or anti shake camera bodies.
7.     Choose shutter speeds and lenses that will minimize shake.
8.     Experiment with time lapse photography.A tripod is needed.
9.     Use your disability creatively.Take deliberately blurred photography.There are many examples where this is pleasing to the eye.

10. Create picture books on a mac or at Harvey Norman etc.
11. Create a blog to share you photos and/or sell them.
12. Start your own youtube channel. Share short films and your story to encourage others.
13. Some cameras have focus trapping. Learn how to use it.
14. Investigate wildlife photography with radio triggering cameras.
15. Learn how to use a scanner to resurrect old slides and prints.
16. Prepare slide shows so you can visit places like elderly citizens nursing homes to entertain and inform.
17. Join various online photography groups or start your own.
18. Learn how to paint with light at night using a hand held flash. 
19. Have a small wheat bag or bean bag with you on photography excursions that can be rested on a post or car door to steady your camera.
20. Use the piece of string or rope trick. Attach the string to the bottom of your camera via the tripod socket with a suitable screw(maybe the leather looped grip from an old camera). With string all the way to ground with large washer or piece of wood attached, pull upward on the camera and string to steady your camera.   A "tripod" that fits in your pocket.  
21. Purchase a "gorilla" pod that can wrap around posts etc.

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