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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Darryl Kelly-Emerging Photographic Talent

Occasionally I am able to pass on some of my experience and knowledge as a photographer to others.
One such person is Darryl Kelly who lives in my neighbourhood.
I spent a little time  with Darryl helping him take photos of food for his wife Debbie's catering business.
We went through some of the basics of photography over a few hours and some casual discussions.
Darryl had been struggling to grasp what the camera was actually doing and how it all came together.
I found him to be, out of all the people I have taught over the years, to be the quickest learner I have come  across.
The other day he showed me his photos on Flickr and some of his favourite landscape photography.
It is really outstanding work.
Take the trouble to follow the link below to photos taken, many within an hour from where we live.
South Australia and Adelaide  is a great place to visit and enjoy your photography.

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