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Friday, February 19, 2016

For Pentax Enthusiasts- The Pentax K1

Well for the long list of Pentax camera fans the long awaited full frame Pentax Digital SLR has arrived.
See a  link below to DP Review.

It's a wonderfully "specced" camera with some of the features I like the most.

1. Full frame and can use all my old pentax lenses.

2. High megapixel count and 204,000 ISO.(When I started photography we were mainly shooting Kodachrome at ASA 25. (same as ISO).

3. External flash connection socket.

4.Built in WIFI and GPS

5. Dual card slot.

And lots of other features.

The one I anticipate I will find frustrating is the strange articulated screen.

The one on the Canon DSLR's works a treat.

Great for taking shots from any angle and for lining up video self capture.

It almost looks good enough to tempt me out of retirement as a wedding photographer.

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