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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In Australian Wilds

My late father in law Dudley Foweraker was an amazing self taught naturalist regarding the Australian Bush.
I have lately been examining his collection of books, notes, drawings and miscellaneous material  that he assembled during his 92 years.
In this collection are books and booklets by Charles Barrett a brilliant Australian Naturalist.

Charles Barrett with Camera
 As a young boy Dud wrote to Barrett who corresponded with many young people around Australia in his role as Nature Journalist.

I found a much used edition of Barrett's  book, "In Australian Wilds".

It is a beautiful rambling narrative of the bird, animal, insect and birdlife as it was in Australia some  90 years ago.
I started to scan the book but then  someone has already done this and you can read it on the internet,
Below is the link.

A great read and insight into how things were and argument for wildlife and habitat conservation..

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