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Monday, July 10, 2017

Adapting Lenses- Pentax 645 to pentax K.

I this week bought an adaptor, after years of wanting to get one, to enable my Pentax 645 lenses to be used on my Pentax K Mount lenses.
It works with Digital and Film Slr's.
In Renmark on the weekend I had a chance to take a few shots.
Here are some results.
You are limited in using them in Aperture Priority, Manual Exposure and manual focus.
The quality appears pretty good.
Will post more when I have tried it out a bit more.
As I already have a Pentax 6x7 to Pentax 645 adaptor it means I can also fit my Pentax 6x7 lenses to Pentax K mount  cameras.
I used a Pentax 75mm and 150mm 645 lens.
I am not sure which image goes with which lens but this arrangement has a lot of potential.
The link is below of the company  that sells these adaptors.
Many combinations in fact.

PS Industry Renmark

"You're on candid camera"

I have now found that when using the adaptor with Pentax 645 lenses on aperture priority on the Pentax Kr digital slr the exposures are under exposed.
This means I need to use a hand held incident light meter for accurate exposures.
However I have discovered when coupling the same combination with my original Pentax *istD
 digitasl slr, the exposures are spot on without needing a separate light meter.
Go figure!
Also when combining with my Pentax MZs film slr in Aperture priority the the lens and camera do appear to be talking to each other well.
Those shots are still in the camera.
Using the 645 lenses on 35mm digirtal or film slr's should be a very good portrait combination.
Beautiful out of focus backgrounds and really top class lenses.

These shots all taken on *istD digital slr. Straight out the camera jpegs.

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