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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"His Call" by Patricia Raymond

Patricia Raymond was a wonderful older friend of ours, as was her husband Ira Raymond.
We were honoured to be appointed their "guardians" while they were alive.

Patricia died in 2011.

A lovely person who was one of the most diligent letter writers and gift givers you would ever meet.

She was well known in her local community. She reached out to all in her gentle and humble way.

She would travel by public transport and foot all over Adelaide to visit people and give cards and gifts of flowers.

A person who reflected the love of God but who herself battled through her life in her own health both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Yet her niece summed her up in the eulogy on that day.

“Maintaining her absolutely vital interest in the lives of others, right to the end.
Remembering pertinent details and asking in depth about what was happening in others lives and being genuinely engaged in every conversation.

That ever present gorgeous sparkle of life and love in her eyes.

You felt you were the centre of her very universe.”

This poem,written by Patricia, was read out on the day that is a wonderful testimony to faith in God.

            His Call

Outdoors, the scene was bleak and dreary.
Indoors,anxious and fearful of the day,
Restlessly I turned pages, read verses.I found myself in a market-place.
A flute was playing,
The clouds had lifted, the air shimmered.
A a flute,His flute was playing for me.

The music,pure and peaceful,drew me nearer.
Its vibrant notes sang of joy and bounty and light.
insecure,imprisoned in myself,
All my yearnings, all my aspirations welled up.
The radiant grace of God opened my heart:
The sweetness and the warmth flooded in.
The flute,His flute was playing for me.

He calls me to come and follow Him, the prince of life.
He calls me from fear into the courage of faith.
He calls me from sin's trammels into the freedom of love.
He calls me from estrangement into the family of God.
He calls me from my sickness into the health of peace.
In my Saviour's plenitude of grace
The Flute, His flute, is playing for me.

Patricia Raymond  1928-2011

Is God calling for you?

Have you responded to His call?


  1. Beautiful, heartfelt words. In the Divine Liturgy there is a line that says, "A Christian ending to our lives - painless, blameless and a good defense before the dread judgment seat of Christ. That is our prayer for my dying daughter and for my wife and me. I want to thank you for taking the time to encourage me in the Kodak forum.

    1. Hi James.I pray that you all will experience the peace that passes understanding through this time.God bless.