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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Earth in Upheaval - Some thoughts about Immanuel Velikovsky

A local catastrophe

Some years ago when I first became a Christian(Age 28) I was drawn into looking at the Genesis account of the creation of the world and all living things.
I started off as a person thinking evolution is probably true but God was behind it.
The more I looked into it the more convinced I became that evolution was a false hypothesis.
Even Theistic Evolution I soon decided didn't hold any water either.
I discovered that if you set up a model for evolution and a model for creation regarding what you would expect to find in the fossil records and when, then on examining the evidence you would expect to find, Creationism(Biblical Creation account) won hands down.

Duane Gish's book "Evolution-the fossils say no!" explains this quite brilliantly.

That wasn't the only reason for my embracing the creation accounts of the Bible.

I did a lot of reading back then and still do.

One author whose books I read was Immanuel Velikovsky.

A controversial figure of his day much maligned by the scientific establishment.

He was against the slow universe approach of evolution and focused on what some call catastrophic theory.

It was refreshing that here was a man who was not a Christian but was prepared to challenge the status quo.

He was a Jew and a Pyschiatrist.

Here is a wiki link to him for your interest.

What I found was how the people with a vested interest in evolution being correct so strongly opposed him.

Much as they still strongly oppose people like me or others more qualified who believe the Bible.

Velikovsky did not convince me to believe the Bible but I found it encouraging that he was prepared to examine Biblical accounts and other ancient texts to back up his theories.

I recommend reading his books for a challenge to your "normal" thinking.

I don't agree with many of his findings but admire his reasearch and knowledge.

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