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Monday, February 26, 2018

Photography Magazine Collection for sale

I have finally decided to part with my collection of photography magazines.

This is my ad on Gumtree.

"This sort of collection is a chance in a lifetime to procure a lifetime collection. These are a large collection of Photography and related magazines that I started collecting when I ventured into professional photography in the 1980's. In the days before the internet you learnt photography by doing it, attending seminars and reading books and magazines.
If you teach photography, want to learn about older cameras, both digital and film techniques this is a great resource.
Mostly Australian titles, both professional and amateur and some overseas titles.
Some go back to 50's and 60's.
You could start a blog just using these mags and doing retrospectives.
Great articles, tips and camera reviews.
Trace the growth from film to digital.
Only available for pick up in Adelaide and I will not sell in lots.
The lot has to go.
I am open to reasonable offers.
If you don't buy they will end up at a charity where you might chance upon them if you are "lucky." $200 negotiable. Phone 0417867476.

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