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Friday, September 13, 2019

Yashica Standard 8mm Clockwork Movie Camera.The history of our home movies. It is hard to imagine that I filmed this clip on a portable telephone.
This camera featured today was the first of a series of movie cameras used over the years
by my Dad and myself and then my sons and family.
Our early high school football and cricket matches were captured on this camera.
We progressed from Standard 8mm to Super 8mm, to VHSC video cameras and full VHS and Super VHS shoulder mounted Camcorders.
Then came mini DV Digital Video Cameras both small and larger.
My favourite was the Canon XL1 which I still have.
Then the mini dv cameras got flip out screens and became quite cheap as digital technology was replacing the camcorder.
My youngest son filmed some wedding videos on the Panasonic Super VHS and Canon XL1 cameras.
He progressed form there to working in the motion film industry in digital effects.
I hope to do a series,time permitting, on some of these cameras that we still have.
Enjoy this look at an old masterpiece.

To view the video I mentioned at the start go to my trading post blog.

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