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Sunday, August 23, 2009

About Frank Hunting

Frank Hunting on the left with friend and fellow Minister Harold Long.The occasion was Frank's 80th Birthday

Frank Hunting was a Churches of Christ Minister who was my minister at the Grote St. Church of Christ when he came there in
1975 after many years Ministry in Ballarat,Victoria and other places before that. He was my minister in tandem with Pastor Harold Long from 1975-1980 (approx) .Frank is now with His beloved Lord. Frank had a very distinctive teaching and counselling ministry. His gifts were very much in counselling people with troubled spiritual and emotional problems , what some would call mental illness. He was Frank by name and Frank by nature. Without Frank’s ministry to myself and my wife and family I doubt that I would have remained a Christian. He taught such things as the necessity to keep in right relationship with God and others through going to Jesus on a daily basis. He alerted us to the fact we have a very real enemy. “ we wrestle not with flesh and blood.” who is out to destroy our homes.
He taught about prayer and also how when we become Christians it
does not mean that everything will now be a bed of roses. He taught that many of our troubles as adults have their roots in not only the effects of our sin but that often we have problems from early childhood and adolescence that we tend to push down into our subconscious minds that the Bible calls the Heart. These problems are usually to do with rejections or abuse that we might have suffered and quite often we are not consciously aware of. He counselled many including myself on how these things affect us and how to take them to Jesus for healing. Even though we may be Christians ,unless these things are brought to Jesus ,we can have much trouble in our relationships and in life and indeed may never come to know the abundant life that Jesus promises us. I have many Bible studies that Frank prepared for use in Churches , booklets on important Christian themes and may cassette tapes of his teachings.
With permission from Frank’s family, for which I am very grateful, my aim is to bring his teaching to a world that is desparate for healing and hope.I will be progressively putting up his written material for the use of people who currently call themselves Christians and those who are seekers after God’s truth.
I would recommend transcripts of the tapes of sermons on this blog called "inner peace" and "the cross of christ" I have started this blog at a time when these teachings are very relevant to my own walk with God and to our family and friends and wider Church community.

Geoff Thompson August 2009

ps Frank Hunting was also a champion Australian Rules footballer in his younger days and played 4 games for Essendon in 1933.

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