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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Adelaide Crows v Western Bulldogs 7/4/12

Scott Thompson emerges from the smoke with his two children on the occasion of his 200th game.

Kurt Tippett streches for a mark

Jared Petrenko snaps truly

Last night(Sat) I went with my mum to watch the Crows play the Bulldogs.It was a scrappy game that the crows were fortunate to win in th e final analysis.
It was Scott Thompson's 200th game for the Crows and once again he was high up in the statistics of the game.
Scott is no relation that I know of but somewhere back there,maybe as far as Adam, we would be related.
Anyway I took some pics and here are a few.
Used Canon 600d with camera set on P and auto ISO.Photos are straight from camera with no digital adjustments.
Game was under lights.

See ABC match report on link as under.


  1. Go Crows!!!! Can't wait to see the budgets from when you used to play for West Adelaide!!!
    xxx Carls xxx

  2. Thanks Carls. will let you know when the footy budget episode is there. love from Uncle geoff