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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Go Show Gold-2012

Last night Lesley and I went to see the Go Show reunion concert mark 2.
A calvacade of 1960's and 70's Australian Pop stars.
See link below.

The Adelaide festival Theatre was packed with our generation, the Baby Boomers.

The concert was amazing with most performers looking as old as most of us in the 60's (Dinah Lee the exception) but none the less all consumate performers and entertainers.
The show was compered by Johnny Young and Ronnie Burns.
A highlight was a reuniting of Adelaide's own Master's  Apprentices led by amazing vocalist Jim Keays.
 See them in their heyday below.

Standout acts in our opinions were the Masters, Marcie Jones,MPD Limited and of course Normie Rowe but they were all excellent.
There were tribute spots for past Australian performers who are no longer with us including Ian Turpie who recently died and was going to be in this concert. 
Mostly they performed original songs but also a good selection of covers of the era.
Marcie Jones was the surprise packet for us with a very bubbly personality and a great rendition of Dusty Springfield's "I just don't know what to do with myself."
See link to Marcie's homepage.

They intend to to do the concert in Go Show 3 next year so if you get a chance to see this show or next years don't miss out if you like this musical era.
Darryl Cotton and Jim Keays will be back in Adelaide about  september this year with their Cotton ,Keays and Morris line up which I have posted about before on this blog.

Most of the artists stayed behind obligingly to sign autographs and posed for photos with fans.
I bought a copy of Jim Keays autobiography,"His Master's Voice", in which the early days are like describing my teen and pre teen memories of Adelaide where he also grew up.

You can find many links to these artists performing in their early days by the usual googling.

One of the Bands, I think MPD Limited did a cover of "My Generation" which was what it was all about, a trip down memory lane, and the Adelaide Audience loved every minute of it.

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