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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Faithfullness is so Impressive

Many years ago when I was in the formative stages of my new Christian faith I used to regularly read an Australian Christian newspaper called "New Life."
It is still available to day as an online magazine.
In the magazine I was interested in a regular advertisement from Ramon Williams who advertised himself as "World Wide Photos" and was preapred to go anywhere in the world taking pictures in the name of Christ.
When I was thinking about this the other day I thought that is probably where I got the idea of dedicating my Photographic craft to God.
Yet I still have never seen any of his pictures.
So I wrote to new life and they told me he is still doing his photography and pointed me to an article in the magazine about him.
I have since exchanged a couple of emails with Ramon now in his 80's.
What a marvelous testimony and dedication this man has.
I have repeated the article below.

Ramon Williams – Unsung Hero
Of The Australian Christian Media
IF you have read any published Australian Christian news article over the past
50 years, it has almost certainly been distributed by one of the greatest un­
sung heroes of the Australian Christian movement, the ‘AAP­equivalent’ of
Christian wire news, Ramon Williams, now aged 81. For nigh­on 50 years
Ramon Williams has exercised a unique and important ministry in the procla­
mation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with his catch cry, ‘Telling others what others are doing for the Lord.’
‘Go And Tell’ Becomes ‘Show And Tell’
In 1959 the newly married Ramon and Dorothy arrived as missionaries in Indonesia with Worldwide Evan­ gelisation Crusade (now Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ). During this time, their first three children were born. After triplets arrived in 1967 they concluded their overseas stint. Then their audio­visual work for WEC grew and became an independent mission, now called ‘Worldwide Photos’, whose aim was to serve missionaries and Christian organisations by enabling them to better ‘show’ their work as well as ‘tell’ of it. This has helped many of them to raise increased interest and support. Today Ramon Williams’ work is recognised as he has established a leading Religious Media Agency throughout the world. His distributions have the byline ‘Ramon A Williams – Worldwide Photos’ with his trade mark email ‘rlgmedia’ (short for ‘Re­ ligious Media’).
This all functions as a faith­financed mission. Only a very few organisations or individuals make a contri­ bution to the service; most ask whether their story may be of interest, hoping it will be sent around the world for nothing! His coverage of Cyclone Larry with five radio interviews, the stories and photographs cost him $2,000. No­one paid a cent.
Ramon Williams’ photography is renowned, with pictures of such notables as Billy and Franklin Graham, Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Malcolm Muggeridge, Mother Theresa, Mary White­ house, and many political leaders and musicians.
‘All For Jesus’
Ramon is a silent type, unobtrusively floating around during Christian functions, and his subsequent news items are sent to leading daily religious news services around the world. He has won photographic awards, including the prestigious Australasian Religious Press Association’s Gutenberg Award in 1987, and has un­ dertaken many media and photographic assignments overseas. Ramon Williams has an eye for media high visibility. His service has been invaluable to many missions including Well­Being Australia and New Life.
Ramon’s effort has been Herculean, his great joy is to see that whatever he ‘distributes’ is published somewhere (newspapers, magazines, bulletins, on­line), in order that someone might read of the Lord’s work. Ramon Williams doesn’t have public honours and titles after his name, but his achievements will be ‘published’ in Heaven, where they will be written in ‘Capital Letters’.
Recently Ramon was taken ill and hospitalised for a short period of time, but is home now and under the care of his extensive family. We are praying for his continuing recovery.
The Lord constantly raises up ordinary people such as Ramon Williams who then engage in extraordin­ ary, wonderful, even miraculous Kingdom endeavours for specific needs within the life of a nation’s Chris­ tian community. Ramon Williams reflects this true history of Australian Christendom. We thank God for him and his extraordinary ministry, and we can say that, like Nathaniel, he is a follower of Christ in whom there is no guile.
– Dr Mark Tronson, retired Baptist minister, author, artist and director of Press Service International. His archive of articles can be viewed at­tronson.html
NEW LIFE – 15 February 2013 – Page Fourteen

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