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Monday, April 29, 2013

Photographing Food

I was recently asked to help a friend with some food photography for her catering business.
She was catering for a large all day function and wanted to get some shots for her website that her husband was putting together for her.
Here are a few shots from the shoot and some others.
Over the years I have done some food photography and it really is quite easy for a photographer.
The art is in the different angles,the colour,the simplicity of presentation,the ability to show of something that will make your mouth water.
You will notice that if you look at cooking book photography there is a lot of each picture that is not in focus.
With food if you were doing it for a top shelf cooking book you would have a food stylist and all the food in it's raw state would be hand selected from markets.
If you are a wedding photographer sometimes you will be requested to concentrate on the food dishes as quite often young couples are foodies.
So weddings are a good place to learn food photography or practice it even if you are a guest.
If you are at a restaurant and you love the presentation before you photograph it with your iPhone or compact digital camera.
If you have a chef or keen amateur cook in the family it would be a good exercise to have them prepare some food so you can do a portfolio.
With the ability to print photo books these days it would not be hard to produce your own recipe book.

A Church catered Wedding Breakfast

Starters at  Kangaroo island

fruit is always colourful

From recent shoot

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