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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Glen Thompson my Dad and Inspiration

This is not a photograph but a scan of a Catalina Painting
My Dad, Glen Thompson was an amazing man who died at 70 of cancer.
He was a great inspiration to me and to many. He was a jack of all trades and master of all of them.
He was an accountant in business but also a great photographer,handyman,mechanic,woodworker, metal worker and so much more.
He was a catalina pilot in the 2nd world war.
His interests were many and captured many of them in his photography and home movies.
He taught me and I first learnt photography on his folding Kodak Retina 35mm camera.
He would have loved this digital age as he was always ahead of everyone else in adopting new technology. I have a huge collection of his work and just a few shots are shown here.
Click on  the labels below to find more references and pics.

Glen the Catalina Pilot

Dad and Mum

Writing Home. RAAF Camp Northern Territory
The Haircut
RAAF Camp Northern Territory
RAAF Camp Northern Territory

Splashing down.Taken by my dad from the bubble on the side of a Catalina

Tennis at Memorial Drive Adelaide

I think Frank Sedgeman serving at Memorial Drive in 1950's

more at memorial drive

Memorial Drive

I think also Memorial Drive

I think also Memorial Drive

I think also Memorial Drive

Marrabel Rodeo?

Hill climb motorsports  scramble in Adelaide Hills.Probably Collingrove Hill Climb


  1. I love reading this blog and look at these photos Uncle Geoff! I have printed the one of Grandpa in the Catalina and put it up on my desk at work :-) All my work colleagues are very impressed. Love Carly xxx

    1. Thanks Carly. I Love reading it too.He was a special man your Grandpa.xx

  2. Nice blog post - My father also taught me photography. Typically BW. We had a small work area in the basement which he set up as a darkroom. He let me use his Leica IIIc and Reflex Korelle ( 6 x6 sir). As inspiration I will try to dig up photos of dad with his camera. Many Thanks

    1. Hi and thanks for your comments.My dad used to set up a home darkroom in the kitchen when I was young. I never got to do any processing but I have great memories of his photography and filming home movies. And a great collection to boot.