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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Glen Thompson my Dad and Inspiration

My father Glen Thompson died aged 70 about 21 years ago now.
He was an amazing person who had ideas and theories about everything.
Ask a question and about an hour later he may have exhausted his possible answers.
Dad was an accountant by profession but an accomplished,photographer,home movie maker,mechanic,metal worker,carpenter,yachtsman,golfer,tennis player,motor cyclist and uphill scramble enthusiast, home decorator,prize winning rifle shooter at various stages of his life and much more.
He built Kitchens, a caravan and a yacht.
Husband,Father, Grandfather etc.
He was also a Catalina Pilot in the RAAF in the second world war.
His interests also were in motor sports,rodeo,boats and the sea,football,music (easy listening and johnny o'keefe,roberto delgado etc.)
It was my dad who first got me interested in Photography.
He used to not only take photographs but develop and print at home with a home darkroom and self made enlarger.
When I went to Darwin in 1970 for the first time he leant me his Kodak Retina 35mm camera to take some pics.
They were my first real attempts at photography.
I still have the camera and it still works and I occasionally use it.
Just before dad died he had just got his first video camera and was very enthusiastic about it but sadly only ever shot about 1 minute of video.
He would be right into all today's technology because he was always ahead of the rest.
Below are some pics quickly scanned from some of his archives.
I seriously want to do something one day with his images.
These were all taken as far as I know on his Kodak Retina 35mm camera.
I intend to check with my mum who the people are in some of these pics.
We still have most of his negatives.

Follow the link below fro a documentary download about Catalina Missions

Glen Thompson and Geoff Thompson (1970's)
Top picture Catalina.

Dad and Mum

Writing Home. RAAF Camp Northern Territory
The Haircut
RAAF Camp Northern Territory
RAAF Camp Northern Territory

Splashing down.Taken by my dad from the bubble on the side of a Catalina

Tennis at Memorial Drive Adelaide

I think Frank Sedgeman serving at Memorial Drive in 1950's

more at memorial drive

Memorial Drive

I think also Memorial Drive

I think also Memorial Drive

I think also Memorial Drive

Marrabel Rodeo?

Hill climb motorsports  scramble in Adelaide Hills.Probably Collingrove Hill Climb


  1. I love reading this blog and look at these photos Uncle Geoff! I have printed the one of Grandpa in the Catalina and put it up on my desk at work :-) All my work colleagues are very impressed. Love Carly xxx

    1. Thanks Carly. I Love reading it too.He was a special man your Grandpa.xx