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Monday, August 26, 2013

Free Photography Training at Edwardstown Community Church

For any who live in Adelaide and wish to take advantage of some free photography tuition please note I will be  commencing some training sessions in the month of September at the Edwardstown Community Church on corner of Delaine Ave and Towers Terrace Edwardstown.
Edwardstown Community Church is affiliated with Churches of Christ in Australia.
This is part of the Church Create programme for expanding and using our talents in Art for our own benefit and the benefit of others.
Here is an outline of what I hope to cover.
It would be good  if people who intend to come would email in advance with
some of their main questions about photography and their favourite subjects.
eg. How do I get the best out of my camera?
What are all the settings for?
Why are my photos blurry or fuzzy?
Why do people have red eyes in my photos?
How do I uses a flash or lights?
What is the best type of camera to buy?
What should I do to become professional or semi professional?
Also if you intend to come as a result of this post please let me  know if you are coming so we are not embarrassed by too many people turning up.

The dates are below; 7pm to 9pm timeslot.
Note : The order of topics and content may vary from what is here.

Monday 9/9/13--Getting started.An introduction.
                Some homework assignments.
                practical demonstration


Monday 16/9/13  The ins and outs of people photography
                practical demonstration
                Screening and/or critique of participants photos
Monday  23/9/13  Photographing Pets and wildlife.
                screening and/or critique of participants photos.
                practical demonstration

Monday 30/9/13   Holiday and travel photography.(Incorprates Landscapes,people,cultures,wildlife,architecture etc.)
                screening and/or critique of participants photos.
                practical demonstration

Monday 7/10/13   Photographing Sports and Action
                screening and/or critique of participants photos.
                practical demonstration
                What next for your photography?

I will use keynote presentations and practical demonstrations and my archives of images and courses to assist in this training programme.
I have more than 38 years experience as a Wedding Photography and General Photographer.
You will find lots of training in photography posts on this blog.

Ps: As at this update we have completed 2 weeks of the training with 25 to 30 people attending each time.
People are enthusiastic.
Here is one response.


the photography session 1 was great. I have little photography theory knowledge but enjoyed hearing about shutter speed, apeture and how altering settings can produce a more creative picture.  I am a point and shoot girl. I do spend some time framing my shot and thoroughly enjoy capturing precious moments. I would love to learn more about taking more balanced photos considering where to put the horizon and subject within the frame etc. but the technical information is not wasted and I cannot wait to try to take more creative pics. I consider myself to be a photograph historian for our family and would rather take one great picture rather than a few average ones. However I have thousands of pictures. Looking forward to tonight. My favourite subjects are usually my children- spoken like a true mum right. I hop[e to become a more educated photographer by the end of this course. "

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