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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Two Birds in One Day plus a mate.

When you are a photographer and a birdwatcher you are always wanting to see a bird you haven't seen before and better still photograph it as well.
It doesn't necessarily have to be a great award winning photograph but it is immensely satisfying when those special moments happen.
When you do that I call it "Twitchography" 
I had seen the gang gang cockatoo before in the wild but never had a camera or right conditions to photograph it.
At the Canberra Botanical Gardens yesterday we had only just arrived when a Gang Gang flew down right in front of me and had a drink.
He had already made my day.
Then a former team mate from my Darwin Football playing days with the wanderers was good enough to come and have a yarn.
Mick Adams now works in Canberra and we got in touch as he found me on this blog.

Then later in the day my sister in law showed us where she had seen a bower bird in the past.
A satin bower bird I had never seen before let alone photographed.
And there  he was.
He even put on a little display.
What a great day!
Here are some pics.

Gang Gang Cockatoo
Satin Bower Bird

Mick Adams and Geoff Thompson. 1970 Wanderers Team Mates

The location of a Reed Warbler that I saw glimpses of and recorded his song but could not fire off a shot.

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