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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Springtime in our backyard

Spring is a great time of the year at our place.
We regularly have lots of birds in our backyard all year round but they get very busy in the spring.
Bringing up young ones.
We have about 8 species that are here almost every day or often and others who are frequent or occasional visitors.
They include:
New Holland Honeyeaters(Daily)
Red Wattle Bird(Daily)
House Sparrows(Daily)
Crested Pigeons(Daily)
Spotted Turtle Doves(Daily)
White Eared Honeyeaters(often)
Silver Eyes(Migratory visitor)
Rainbow Lorikeets(often)
Musk Lorikeet(occasional)
Adelaide Rosellas(often)
Murray Magpie(daily)
Willie Wagtail(often)
White Backed Magpies(often)
European Blackbird(daily)
European Starling(daily)
Common Pigeon(sometimes,nesting next door)
Brown Goshawk(occasional deadly visitor)
Collared Sparrow Hawk(occasional deadly visitor)
Southern Boobook Owl(In the area but seldom seen)
White Ringnecked Dove(sometimes)
Noisy Miner(daily))
Little Corella Cockatoos (sometimes flocking overhead)
Yellow tailed Black Cockatoos (in pairs or small flocks overhead in summer time)
Black Ducks(three crashed into our backyard one day)
Kookaburra(heard once in the 41 years we have lived here)
Mistletoe Bird(once saw a female here)
Eastern Spinebill (seems to be regular now but elusive. First spotted 2015)

This last 4 weeks we have been very impressed as parent blackbirds have protected and reared 2 babies ,who must have fallen from the nest,who were flightless for some time.
We have 3 cats here so that is impressive.
The Blackbirds,New Holland Honeyeaters,Red Wattle birds and White eared Honey Eaters seem to join forces in sounding the alarm whether threatened by a cat or a hawk.
The baby blackbirds have also, I think, sensed our care for them.
One of them a few days ago came right up to our backdoor and looked through the glass.

Adelaide Rosella


Baby Blackbird

Parent Blackbird,Male

Spotted Turtle Dove

Spotted Turtle Dove

White Backed Magpie

Willie Wagtail

Male adult Blackbird

Crested Pigeons

Two Wattlebirds in fight

Crested Pigeon and Red Wattlebird giving an evil look

New Holland Honeyeater

Red Wattlebird

Baby Blackbird
 The blackbirds are the first heard in the morning,just like in the Hymn,"Morning has Broken."
The New Holland Honeyeaters are still chattering as darkness falls.

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