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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Monster Black Hole discovered.

I always find it interesting with new major discoveries in evolutionary study scientists say we have to re think our position.

If only they threw out evolution then they might get somewhere.

If you start off with a faulty paradigm  you are always being led up the garden path.

Dr. Duane Gish who wrote"Evolution! The fossils say no!" hypothesised  what the fossil records should tell you if evolution were true, or, conversely, what they should tell you if God's special creation were true.

If evolution were true you would expect to find certain fossils only in certain earth layers .

Conversely if evolotion were not true you would find fossils in all layers.

His argument is very convincing.

As per this quote from the above article.

"It's time for a new hypothesis and for some new physics." 

And just off the press here is another "discovery" that causes all the scientists to rethink.
Every new so called major discovery raises more questions than answers because the hypothesis is wrong in the first place.

To look at someone who decided to try and prove evolution when challenged by someone below is the website link of Dr Carl Werner who took the challenge seriously.
Of course like all of us who believe in the alternative of God as creator he has his critics.

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