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Monday, February 16, 2015

My New Book Publication Project

For those who have an apple computer you will be familiar with the features of iPhoto.
 This is the basic Apple Photo Editing Program.
One of it's great features is the ability to create from your image library a book of your photographs.
At present I am working on several book projects simultaneously.

It is a very user friendly programme and I am having a wonderful time creating books on my favourite themes and subjects.

I have completed three books.

Australian Birds and two personal family histories.

As I have been compiling a large stock of photography since 1971 I have many images to consider.

Editing down to photos you would like to see in print is a challenging process.

Some titles I am working on are:

Australian Birds

100 Days of Love - A Christian Devotional Book original author Thomas Albert Carruth.

The Australian Mallee or Mallee Tracks

The Road Less Travelled- The Morgan Road

Central Australia

Speaking Personally- Some devotional writings by Frank Hunting

Sports Photography

The Colours of Australia-Red and Blue

The Top End-Darwin and the Northern Territory

The River Murray

"In the beginning"  the images of the book of Genesis

Across the Nullabor -One of Australia's epic road journeys.

My plan is to get some of them into printed form to see what they look like in hard copy and then maybe try some crowd funding to get some into a larger print run.

If you have a Mac check out the book creation feature on iPhoto yourself.

Note: iPhoto is planned to be replaced by Apple with another programme that hopefully will do the same.

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