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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Birds on Stamps

We are fortunate to have within walking distance of our place a collector's paradise.
A rambling property with rooms and annexes in all directions and chocablock with all sorts of things from the past.
It's called Cross Road Collectibles and below is a link to their facebook page.

Every time I visit I find something I would like so I restrict my visits to save money.

Well the other day I was looking at old photographs and came across a treasure.

Someone's collection of stamps in one album of Birds of the World.

Being a bird photographer and watcher I had no hesitation in paying the required price.

The good thing these days with stamps is that they lead you intro all sorts of research as many of the birds and place names were unknown to me.

Whenever you look at so called Birds of the World books and websites I have come to believe they are not a record of all the birds there is.

These stamps seem to verify that.

I suggest, if you can, get into bird stamps.

That is if you are a Birder.

You will be able to research some wonderful places and bird locations.

I had never heard of Ras Al Khaima

So a bit of googling.

It's in the United Arab Emirates.

A great place for birding.

Who would have thought.

And that was just my first search based on the stamps.

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