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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Womens Cricket

I must confess I was never much interested in Women Cricket until I stumbled across a telecast a couple of years ago of the Australian team in action.
Watching Elyse Perry running in to bowl made me sit up and take notice.
I thought here was someone who knows what it is all about and then of course I saw all the other players were very skilled as well.
Today I was in a collectables shop that I try to stay away from as I always spend money.
I found the picture below of a young lady plying her wares as a bowler.
This was the image I had of womens cricket until more recent times.
Note the Dandylions in the grass.
Her name is "Bobbie" according to the biro name on the top of the picture.
She may have been a brilliant cricketer even famous then.
Her action looks good.
If anyone knows who she is please let me know.
 Below are some shots I took at Adelaide oval last year during a womens 20/20 game.Australia v West Indies.I was high up in the stands where you can see it all but you are a quite a distance from the action.

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