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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Hakluyt Society

I was in a bookshop last week and came across a set of 12 volumes of bound books by Richard Hakluyt on Voyages of Discovery.
They were selling for $750 and though I was temped I found they were available to read free online.
Richard Hakluyt was an amazing individual and there is a whole society founded in his honour.

I started reading one of the volumes online and came across a remarkable story about one John Fox.
Below is a link to a modern telling of his tale which is nowhere as near as dramatic as the telling in Hakluyt's Voyages.


Its a wonder it has not been made into a movie if a swashbuckling tale is your thing.

Here below is the online reading from the original link starting at page 9.

The marvels of the internet to be able to track down things you have never heard of.

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