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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Nursing Home Ministry

after church cuppa
It has been the privilege of my wife and I to be able to share with the congregation of a local nursing home.
My wife Lesley plays the piano for the singing and I help out on a roster of Lay Preachers.
We have been doing this for some years.
The Nursing Home is one of a number situated in Adelaide's suburbs.
They come under the umbrella of Lifecare, a Churches of Christ originated organisation.
As we have been involved in Churches of Christ for many years we were called upon many years ago to help out with their regular sunday services.
At first for me it was just conducting a communion service in one of the Homes.
My wife being an accomplished pianist found herself in demand in Churches we have attended and over the years others who needed someone to play for them.
A lot of Churches have trouble these days finding Pianists and Organists to help with worship.
Over the last few years I have also been called upon to help with lay preaching in the South Australian Country town of Renmark.
This is in the Uniting Church at Renmark and Renmark West.
My wife grew up there and we are fairly regular visitors.
It is a blessing to us to see the faithfulness of older and more frail members of our communities as they attend these Church services.
Most are in their 80's or 90's.
Many in wheelchairs.
A little while back I did a google search for Nursing Home Ministry to see what happens in other places.
I came across this helpful resource in the link below.

This type of Ministry is very rewarding and I write this to encourage others to consider whether God might call you to this type of work.

If you click on the tag for parkrose below you will be able to read the outline of many of the parkrose services.
Also the same if click on renmark uniting church tag.

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