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Monday, January 2, 2017

Magazine Memory Walk No.1

Before the internet aspiring photographers like myself mostly learnt their craft by about 6 ways.

1. A mentor such as a relative or friend giving some guidance.

2. Reading how to books about photography.

3. Regular purchase or subscription of photographic magazines.

4. Joining a camera club.

5.When they became available watching instructional VHS videos.

6. Going to a seminar or training event being conducted by a professional.

Then came the internet and a plethora of opportunities to learn online via youtube and blogs.

I have used all these methods through the journey but I was a prolific buyer of photography magazines.

I have sold and disposed of many over the years as I simply did not have enough room to keep them but I still have a collection that covers many years.

I intend to start discussing some of these and highlight some of the articles and equipment.

They are a treasure trove of photographic history, both techniques and technology.

Many younger people are now keenly following vlogs where their peers are really enjoying film photography and the cameras they have purchased .

I find these very interesting as they are talking mostly about cameras I am quite familiar with.

So this is number 1 in a possible series of articles extracted from my collection.

Time permitting I will hopefully combine these posts with a complimentary youtube video.

The magazine pictured is from December 2000(15 years ago).

I was just venturing into digital as were so many.

Film was still the main event.

This would have been nice back then for weddings.

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