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Friday, March 17, 2017


Myself at Breakaways near Coober Pedy South Australia

No digital camera in sight but well exposed and able to be enlarged almost ad infinitum

I am at week four now of a course I am conducting for people over the age of 65.

I have a group of interested and intrigued, but at times bewildered students.

I say bewildered not because of  whether they can grasp the fundamentals of Digital Photography(Photography in general) but because the cameras they have purchased that may have been recommended by a family member or zealous salesperson, are often too confusing to use to their creative capacity.

There is simply too much  choice on even the simpler mirrorless or compact digital cameras.

If they want to use  all the great features on some of these cameras the symbols,touch screen and hidden menus are a maze to work through.

We did an exercise today to take a light meter reading( I did so with a hand held meter) and then set an array of older film cameras to the correct shutter and aperture settings.

Even though they had not seen these cameras before, and some were pretty ancient, (the cameras I mean) they managed to do that with not too much trouble.

The earlier digital cameras such as my first Digital SLR, the Pentax *istD, were so much more like a real camera and so easier to learn photography on.

Maybe the camera manufacturers should take note as the ageing population is living longer and going on overseas trips and wanting to take photographs and unless someone gives them some clues they can come back with over exposed and under exposed and blurry pictures.

The phone cameras are really useful for the main part but they also have their limitations.

Not withstanding the above it is a great time for any one to get into photography but I reckon everyone starting out should use a film camera with appropriate setting alongside their digital camera to really appreciate the fundamentals and what their modern camera is trying to do and capable of.

That was long sentence.

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