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Saturday, June 10, 2017

"World Aflame"

"World Aflame"  That is the name of a book written by Billy Graham in 1965.
It was and is a Prophetic book analysing the world of 1965 and looking at Biblical Prophecy.
If you were to read it now the message is equally as important for today's world.
It is a challenge for Christians and non Christians alike.

Here are the chapter titles.
1.Flames out of Control
2.The Old Immorality
3.Our Psychological Jitters
4.The National Idolatory
5.The Searchers in a Flaming World
6.Who am I?
7.Man's Fatal Disease
8.The Inadequacy of Modern Religion
9. The Incredible Journey
10. How does God speak?
11.The Inescapable Christ
12. God's Foolishness
13. The Day Death Died.
14.The Possibility of the New Man(Woman)
15.How to become a New Man(Woman)
16.The Dynamics of the New Man(Woman)
17.Social Involvement of the New Man(Woman)
18.The Fabulous Future
19. The Distant Trumpet
20. Signs of the End
21. The Coming Judgement
22.The World on Fire
23. The World of Tomorrow

Human Beings have been always on a journey towards an individual destiny.
With or Without Jesus Christ.
The world is also on a collision course with it's end and its new creation.

If you have not examined these big questions don't delay.

I can assure you we are only here for a short while.

Then what?

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